Tax advice

I will be able to help you with your income tax declarations, and other tax advisory services, as limited company’s accounts and taxes.
If you own a property in Spain and it is classified as urban, you need to fill in the form 210 once per year and pay the tax that will be a percentage on the property’s Catastral value.

Tax form 210 (modelo 210 in Spanish) is used for declaring non-resident income tax. The most common situation is that a foreigner has bought a holiday home in Spain which they visit during the year but don’t rent out – they have no income in Spain as such but are still obliged to do a tax return and pay some tax, and the form 210 is the one to be submitted. For further information please visit this web-page

When selling the property and claiming back the 3% retention you would need the last four years 210 forms.

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